Hayley was my personal trainer for more than nine years. As a young high school athlete trying to pursue my dream of playing college basketball, I didn’t understand the importance of weight training, stretching and healthy eating habits to perform at a high level until Hayley came along. Hayley is amazing at her job. Every week I would go in there not knowing what to expect because it would be something different every time. One thing I did know is that I would be dripping sweat by the end of my session. On top of this, she also helped me train for my first triathlon in 2016. She taught me the proper technique on how to swim in open water, encouraged me on every mile I would bike and run and now I am addicted to triathlon events thanks to her!


-Zachary Smith

"I was fortunate enough to work with Hayley as my personal trainer for 2 years.  She is a superb trainer that I would recommend without reservation.  As a physician, I have high expectations for a trainer's fund of knowledge regarding exercise physiology and biomechanics, and she exceeded my expectations.  She is knowledgeable, organized and customized my training specifically to me and worked around my VERY busy work schedule.  Training with Hayley made the most efficient use of my time and provided me with the accountability I needed to return to competitive Ultra-Marathon racing. Superb to work with, enjoyable and top caliber!

-Dr. Sarah Vlach, MD

Hayley is the type of trainer who really pays attention to the motivations and needs of her clients.  I like change, so she set up a variety of circuits that were indoor and outdoor.  She also ensured my training program was flexible, as my time was not. Even when I got the crazy idea to participate in my first ever triathlon, Hayley jumped at the opportunity to help me succeed and cross the finish line. With zero experience in competitive swimming and a huge fear of swimming in a river, Hayley swam with me in the river, then she ran along the bank as I swam, and even pushed my son in a stroller, with my daughter by her side, as I swam when I didn’t have a sitter. Hayley really took the time to get to know me physically and mentally.  She would notice when I was feeling unusually stressed and would change the routine that day to kickboxing because she knew that worked for me. She recognized when I needed to be pushed and there was never a dull moment.  I was so heartbroken when she left in-person training! If you’re searching for accountability and personalized support in a trainer, Hayley is number one!

-Letty Sotelo


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